capturing what i love about the show (primarily silliness).

expect a lot of usagi's weird faces.

(i apologise for the terrible quality of my screencaps; most of my copies of the episodes are atrocious)
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Finally remembered my tumblr login XD been posting these the last month on instagram~ but here you are as well tumblr! My process for “moonlight legend, make ~ up! ” for the sailor moon tribute show at Qpop Shop in LA on april 5th! PART 1 xoxo




Sailor Moon reboot at the Comicon Challenge 2014 ♥ Photoshop

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Sailor Moon cosplayers + Sailor Moon cosplay patterns in Cosmode, March 2014

I wish my sewing machine wasn’t in another country. I want to try the pattern so bad! 





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azulaz:  I'm glad I dicovered this blog ^.^

thank you! <3


HIGH PITCHED SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally paying tribute to my first animated and manga series! Not gonna lie, up until I was 12 my dream was to grow up and be a sailor scout. I remember running around the neighborhood with my friends belting out the theme song at the top of our lungs.

Those were the good days 휴◡휴 Prints of this will be sold at Anime Expo Artist Alley, table A29, this weekend!

Will be posting an alley map and inventory later today

Materials: Pencil for lineart, Photoshop CS5 for colors.



Tamashii Proplica Crescent Moon Wand

Official | MFC

Price: 8,800 yen
Release Date: April 2014





Animation process of Sailor Moon

too cool

A reminder of just how painstaking the process of animation was! Not that it’s any cakewalk now, but just thinking about all the hours of work that went into each individual frame of animation just blows my mind

ugh, i can’t make any more screencaps until i find copies of sailor stars that don’t look like this:

if any of you could help me, i would love you forever <3

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