capturing what i love about the show (primarily silliness).

expect a lot of usagi's weird faces.

(i apologise for the terrible quality of my screencaps; most of my copies of the episodes are atrocious)
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newbie-rose:  Excuse me, I have a few questions to ask you. First of all, I completely agree that a lot of the animation is shit, but I don't think it's 100% shit. Is there anything that was shown in the SMC series that you actually like? Also, when you reblogged that post of one of the SMC animators thanking that user for understanding them, did you mean the animator wasn't doing their job right, or the director wasn't doing their job right? I'm a bit confused...





Ok I’ll try to explain everythin the best that I can.

First I do enjoy Crystal, I obviously don’t think it’s 100% shit. The animation in a lot of shots is gorgeous but in others is just painful to watch (and to be honest it really ruins the Crystal experience).

I have watched lots of animes and I have never had this weird feeling of watching it and enjoying it and then BANG some weird seconds (not frames as some people are claiming) of total animation awkardness.

I mean how can you focus on the anime when things like these happens:



(just to show a few; unfortunately Crystal has lots of these).

It really bothers people because it’s just not right.

It looks lazy, poorly done and amateur. Lots of anime with way less importance and budget never had this problem, actually this is the first time that something like this happens to an anime of this importance.

It’s just making Crystal look like a joke instead of the big come back that Sailor Moon was supposed to have.

It really saddens me because Sailor Moon is my favourite anime and seeing that it is being treated so poorly is really upsetting.

And no, we should no settle for this or wait for the Blu ray edition/whatever the excuse people may come up with, that’s just a bunch of lame excuses.

This is not about a nostalgic issue either, a lot of people who have never watched Sailor Moon has noticed the same things as the rest of the people so this is not about Crystal being unable to live up to the old anime. It is just badly animated in several shots that make the experience of watching it not as pleasant as it could be and really weird at points.It’s just bothering.

As for as the animator comment:

What I tried to say was that if it’s not the animators’ fault then it has to be someone else’s. Obviously someone in charge has to revise every single thing before it is given to the fans. The fact that errors like the ones shown before are not fixed including the following one makes me wonder if that person even exists.


I mean, how amateur is this?

How can you mess up so badly,get away with it and get aired?. This is too much for an anime like Sailor Moon that deserves to be treated better (along with the fans).

Whatever it is that person in charge or the animators or whoever that can possibly be, someone’s not doing their job right.

It’s not even that someone isn’t doing their job right - it’s that there’s no time or money. Given that they didn’t hire a character designer until a YEAR after the announcement shows that there was pre-production problems. Given that there was no new footage shown in the next episode preview at the end of Act 3 shows that the footage isn’t done

There were about 20 animators on the first episode, and another 20 or so on the second episode - but not the same 20 people. And episode three had only 11 animators

11 animators. Think about that.

Again, not even all the same people - look at the credits. It’s literally whoever they can grab for each episode, and that’s it. (I say that with confidence because that’s how a lot of anime like this are handled, and you hear those stories all the time after the fact. Nostalgia-heavy projects or visionary pieces like what Trigger puts out both have animators that admit to working on the project after-hours, once they’re done with their real commitments.)

Also, people are confusing “bad animation” with “off-model characters” - those are not the same thing. The animation pathing is good.

The drawings are not on model, because half of the team are from an outsourced company. It’s hard to tell if it’s the outsourced people not following the character sheets, or if it’s the other way around - but either way, it’s clear that the two teams are not working seamlessly. And when you only have eleven people on an episode, to split that team in half is pretty damaging. That’s not because someone isn’t doing their job, it’s because there’s no time to do their best work.

There’s no reason not to believe they’re skipping the penciling phase and coloring and doing post- as fast as they can, too. Yes, some things will look better in the BluRay release, and to say that is unacceptable is pretty petulant, when most anime do

To say you’ve never seen an anime look this bad shows that you just actually don’t watch a lot of broadcast anime. The original Persona 4 animation looks terrible most of the time, and they cleaned stuff up for the release, and everyone was more or less fine with that because that’s how this works now. Unless you’re Production IG or Gundam Unicorn or something, the money just isn’t bleeding all over the place in every frame - especially when the show isn’t even being broadcast on TV.

SMC has no TV syndication, which means that this is practically just a labor of love. Their only shot at making back their money is with the BD/DVD release, and so that is where they will focus their efforts after the fact, not for bi-monthly net releases that pay very little.

There’s certainly a lot to be concerned about regarding SMC, and of course I wish it was better - but I’m definitely not surprised. This isn’t new lows for the anime world, or anything of the sort. In fact, everyone saying that SMC is off-model and ruining their childhood needs to take off the rose-colored glasses and re-watch the OG SM, because that shit is off-model in every single episode because every keyanimator drew in their own style. This is not new grounds for Toei - this is how they treat Pretty Cure sometimes, too.

I haven’t seen anyone comment on how awesome the storyboarding in SMC is and the directing and the subtle expressions and the gorgeous backgrounds and the actual animation. The whole Usagi-Luna-Mamoru bus scene was perfectly shot and had excessive amounts of frames. Each background is stunning, and well lit. The camera angles are adventurous and never stale.

With all the energy and effort it takes to complain about every single frame, everyone’s energy would be much better put to use by reflecting on why the show does the things it does, both for good and for bad, and actually attempt to understand that. This show is not being treated by higher-ups as their magnum opus - it’s being treated exactly the same way the original SM anime was treated and the way most reboots are treated.

I just fell in love with you.

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"ZING! OH MAN I GOT HER AGAIN. I tell you, there is nothing better than walking around in formal wear and ridiculously oversized sunglasses and making fun of middle schoolers. Damn, Chiba, you are the MAN. This has put me in such a great mood, I might live it up and repot my plants a few days ahead of schedule. LIVING THE LIFE."


Can we please stop hating on and insulting the Crystal animators, please?




It’s one thing to criticize the animation itself (and I’ll be honest, episode 3 WAS hella wonky), but I keep seeing a lot of vitriol and anger directed at the animators themselves.

Once again, these animators are working on a VERY low budget. They need to cut corners because, unlike the original anime, Crystal does NOT have sponsors because it’s not airing on TV; it’s a web series. As a result, the animators have had to stretch the budget (especially for the Moon Pride video) and produce a lot of low-quality animation not because they want to, but because they have no other choice. Toei isn’t giving them much.

You can go on about how, because it’s such an iconic series, Sailor Moon is bankable and deserves a higher budget (which I agree with, btw), but that’s not the animators’ decision; it’s Toei’s. The animators are just doing their job with what resources they have. And, once again, we should expect the DVD/BD releases to be quite a bit cleaned up, seeing as the animators will be given more time and money to go back and fix mistakes.

Insult the animation, not the people who drew it. I’m so sick of seeing people complain that the animators are lazy and untalented and just don’t care when they’re probably working their asses off just to produce episodes because they don’t have the resources they need and that’s not their fault.   


"It’s a web series", damnit, I wish I would have included that one. :(

1.) Your entire blog is dedicated to criticizing Crystal’s animation, to the point where you made a bingo card just to make fun of the people who are trying to defend it

2.) You act like me asking for people to respect the animators is a bad thing

3.) You act like most of those bingo spots aren’t legitimate responses

In conclusion, lolbye.



the funniest thing in the world to me is when people think Tuxedo Mask is the suavest, smoothest guy

and it’s like no

no you don’t understand







The face that Mamoru puts on:


The REAL Mamoru:


i apologise to all of you for how infrequently i post, but lately it’s been very difficult to find time to screencap episodes. i hope you can forgive me! <3

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michiru kaioh + dat hair

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