capturing what i love about the show (primarily silliness).

expect a lot of usagi's weird faces.

(i apologise for the terrible quality of my screencaps; most of my copies of the episodes are atrocious)
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michiru kaioh + dat hair

「Moon Pride」
『美少女戦士セーラームーン Crystal』
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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal OP「Moon Pride」



Leaked cam-rip of four minutes of footage from Sailor Moon Crystal, thanks to @KillMeNeko

Watch at your own risk!

…May translate this tonight when I get home from work. 



Moon healing escalation!

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune will NO LONGER BE COUSINS!

VIZ Media’s Twitter account (via margieargie)

somewhere there is a person who knows nothing about sailor moon and that person is very confused right now

(via andrusi)


If you have wanted to get into Sailor Moon for the first time and never knew where to watch it, you are seriously in luck.

Viz Media just recently got the license to Sailor Moon and has decided to release the subtitled, original Japanese series on Hulu and Neon Alley!

And guess what? IT’S FREE TO WATCH.

This is the PERFECT time to start watching the series!!!

Viz Media will be releasing new episodes every Monday. 
Today, May 19, they released the first 4 episodes!
Every episode is unedited and the picture has been enhanced.

Watch HERE or HERE

Also, Viz Media will also be releasing a BRAND NEW dubbed version of the series! More information to come soon.


tags: #sailor moon #usagi
tags: #sailor moon #usagi
tags: #sailor moon
tags: #sailor moon #usagi #chibi usa
tags: #sailor moon #usagi
tags: #sailor moon
tags: #sailor moon #usagi #tuxedo mask